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Launching a Men’s Footwear & Accessory Brand: Q & A with Jose & Markham Founder David Lewis

This month we had the pleasure of sitting down with entrepreneur David Lewis, one of the founders of Jose & Markham – Winnipeg’s premium Men’s footwear and accessory brand.

Founded in 2010 by David Lewis, Wade Salchert and Cesar Baez, they’ve started a journey that has already lead them to factories in Mexico and China. All while establishing their online store and first retail location in Winnipeg. They have big plans, beginning with a new retail location in Vancouver in 2013. Read the entire interview on our website…

Hot Startups of the Month
Joist is a new app for contractors and service companies who are working in the field, and always on the go. This app lets a contractor estimate, invoice, and accept payments on the fly. It

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also allows you to manage your projects from the field, the truck, or the local bar with a beer in one hand. With Joist, you can track payments, follow up on estimates, look up client information, or whatever else you darn well please. When your day is done, export everything seamlessly into your accounting system.

Mobee is the newest secret shopping app. It rewards you for reviewing businesses. All you have to do is browse local missions on your app and pick the ones you’d like to accept. Each mission gives you points to redeem cash, gift cards, and other prizes. You will compete against other users for

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the most points while working your way up the ranks from Newbee to Killerbee. Thousands of missions are currently live, and Mobee Radar will alert you when missions are close.

BackOps is a cloud-based back office solutions company. They provide accounting, human resources, and finance solutions through a network of certified, on-call experts. BackOps automates your back-office process so you have more time to focus on building your business.

Sweet Relish is an online tool for window shopping. It replaces all those bookmarks that you look at 6 months later and have no idea why you even bookmarked the page in the first place. With Sweet Relish you have a visual representation of what you are interested in. Share your sweet relish list with your friends and family so they can see and buy for you what you really want.

Upcoming Events

Event title:

Pitch Day


Wednesday, November 28, 2012, 4:00 PM


The Fort Garry Hotel

Are you looking for feedback and expert advice on your business idea?

PitchDay is a dynamic event that allows individuals with a business idea (students, researchers, budding or established entrepreneurs) to present two-minute pitches to an expert panel of judges and an audience of Winnipeg’s entrepreneurial community. Presenters will receive immediate feedback on their idea, with suggestions on next steps. Each pitch will be judged based on commercial potential and presentation quality. Competition winners will be announced at the end of the evening, with cash prizes awarded to the 1st and 2nd place pitches, as well as “Peoples’ Choice Award”, “Best Researcher Pitch” and “Best Student Pitch” winners.

Presenters will be capped at 30, so register early (*see below for Competition Rules).

Judges will consist of entrepreneurs, invesetors and professional service providers experienced in the entrepreneurial process.

1st place prize: $7,500
2nd place prize: $2,500
People’s Choice prize: $1000
Best Student Pitch: $1000
Best Researcher Pitch: $1000

Event title:

Business Strategy Fundamentals


Wednesday, January 23, 213


Composites Innovation Centre

What is your value proposition in one sentence?

This one day, hands on Business Strategy Fundamentals session will provide participants with the tools to identify target customers and define the value offering of their product. Additionally, the attendees will be able to use their value proposition to test their business model for sustainability and growth. After completing this one day seminar, attendees will be able to deliver a one sentence value proposition and have a workable business model.

MaRS is where science, technology and social entrepreneurs get the help they need. Where all kinds of people meet to spark new ideas. And where a global reputation for innovation is being earned, one success story at a time.

MaRS helps create successful global businesses from Canada’s science, technology and social innovation.

Catapult Corner

Does Winnipeg Have a Start-Up Community?

With the launch of Catapult over two months ago, I have officially become engaged in and witnessed what I believe is a really exciting and promising time for the entrepreneurial start-up community in Winnipeg.

The seeds of entrepreneurship in this community are taking root and being driven by….

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