Does Winnipeg Have a Start-Up Community?


Does Winnipeg Have a Start-up Community?

With the launch of Catapult over two months ago I have officially become engaged in and witnessed what I believe is a really exciting and promising time for the entrepreneurial start-up community in Winnipeg. If you haven’t been paying close attention, there is what appears to be a sustainable groundswell of activity that is building a distinct community.

The seeds of entrepreneurship in this community are taking root and being driven by Assentworks, Ramp Up Manitoba, Innovate Manitoba, BCC, Red River College Entrepreneurship Program, LSAM, ICTAM, and NMM.

  • Assentworks is a ‘workshop’ for entrepreneurs, engineers, and inventors. If you need to build something you should be a a member of Assentworks. They have all the tools and space you need.

    Assentworks Founder Michael Legary Holding Items Made in the ‘Workshop’


  • Ramp Up Manitoba is a group driving activity and community in the web technology sector. If you’ve got the next app or online business you should be joining the Ramp Up Manitoba community. They recently held a start-up weekend where Buzzinga was crowned the winner and is now competing in the ‘global startup Battle’ – they need your votes. VOTE NOW!

    Vote for Buzzinga in the Global Startup Battle

    Techies at the Inaugural Startup Weekend Winnipeg – August 2012


  • Innovate Manitoba is focused on creating opportunities to entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas (Pitch Day), refine their business plans (Boot Camp), and find investors (Venture Challenge).

    Finalists of the Manitoba Venture Challenge – June 2012


  • Biomedical Commercialization Canada (BCC) and the Manitoba Knights are continually looking at new science and technology start-ups. If you have a science or tech idea you should connect with BCC to learn how their incubation program can support you.

    CEO of BCC Marshall Ring & Ed Richmond (Mentor)


These groups and organizations coupled with entrepreneurs with ideas for global domination are poised for continued growth. There is truly a groundswell of activity that is driving engagement and I have no doubt that the foundation for a lasting start-up community is here. I also believe that in the not so distant future we’re going to see some real global success stories arise from these seeds and put Winnipeg’s entrepreneurs on the start-up map.

If you, like many others in Winnipeg, have been sitting on the sidelines with your ‘next big idea’ now more then ever is a great time for you to become engaged with and join the start-up community. Feel free to contact me or any of the above organization to learn how you can begin to build your

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next big idea.

Until Next Month,
Jason Abbott, Founder & Lead Specialist